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Top Tips To Successfully Write Your eBook

If you have failed to make money online this may be the answer for you: write an eBook and publish it on Amazon's Kindle. The figures with even a small email list are impressive and some authors turned down by traditional publishers are selling 400,000 eBooks a month. Amazon makes no judgement about your book as long as it fits in with their rules which are pretty fair and square. Go on and write your future!



The term eBook in internet marketing circles has become somewhat debased yet what do you call a book that is delivered electronically and read on an electronic device such as Amazon’s Kindle? It is a fact that some writers who have been turned down numerous times by traditional publishers have found out what to do to make money. They are now selling eBooks by the shedload, often as many as 400,000 copies a month.

If you have tried to make money online without success then this could be the answer for you. If you are in the make money online niche then you probably have masses of suitable material on your computer hard drive. Why not make use of it by turning it into something sellable? The trick is to rewrite your material so that it passes the Copyscape test. You cannot just copy someone else’s work but if you rewrite it so that at least 75% of it is not picked up as a copy of work already existing you will have produced something original.

A Copyscape test costs only 5 cents and it is well worth it. You buy credits. I bought 500 for $25 but you can buy smaller amounts. The beauty of Copyscape is that if you fail the first time it doesn’t matter. Do some more work on your book then run it through Copyscape again. The first time I used it I had to run an article I was rewriting about five times through the Copyscape test before I got it right. Now I usually just run it through once to make sure I haven’t copied anything by mistake. Copyscape can be found at

Consider this. If you write an eBook on some aspect of internet marketing then there is a huge market for it. Instead of you being one of thousands on Clickbank marketing the same thing you are now in the position of having created something unique. Once you get to this stage then you put your book on Clickbank for other affiliates to sell.

If, on the other hand you are a writer of fiction – a notoriously difficult market to get into in the traditional way – the world has suddenly opened up for you. If you put your book on Kindle it will cost you next to nothing. You see Amazon does not judge anyone’s material as long as it fits in with their rules which are pretty fair and square; they let the market decide. While it is true that the cheaper books tend to sell well follow up books by the same author only do well if the public likes the books.

Think of this fact: eBooks now outsell traditional books. The mainstream publishers are literally … I won’t say it but I leave you to guess. I personally am delighted and will be even more delighted when many of them go bust. You see I also write fiction. Check out my book, Globe by yours truly Robert Ian Heslop and my good friend James E. Dearden. It is available either in one part or two separate parts on Kindle. The novel is about a super computer that is part molecular as well as electronic and it develops the ability to think.

If we go back to the information, non-fiction market you can see how the numbers quickly add up. On Kindle fiction does sell cheap. But on Clickbank many digital downloadable pdf information documents sell for over $50. Suppose you have an email list of subscribers to your make money online website of only 1,000. You start an email marketing campaign. If you haven’t already done so read the content pieces on Email Marketing. There are four detailed articles that tell you everything you need to know to get your subscribers to open your emails, to read them and to take action.

How many subscribers will buy from you? Well, if you do the marketing campaign correctly and your eBook is about a hot topic that internet marketers are interested in – you can always Google your topic before you start writing – then you should probably see about 10% at least buying. Even if you sell your eBook at only $10 as an introductory enticement you are talking about 10% of 1,000 = 100 x $10 = $1,000. And these figures are really on the low side. With a good list of subscribers that you have fed with good free material and then warmed up with your campaign you could easily sell 500 x $10m = $5,000.

Remember one of the first things I tell you on this website is that if you are going to start an internet business you must first find a hungry market. Naturally enough this is also true of your eBook. You need to know before you start writing that your eBook has a potentially huge market. You need to know that people are hungry to buy eBooks on the topic you have chosen to write about. In other words the market choses the topic: you write about it.
Ian Heslop

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