Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Promoting Your Ebook

A whole battery of tips on how to promote your eBook to maximise sales and make money online. Includes tips on building a good website and building up a targeted list of possible customers long before your ebook launch by blogging, using forums, getting JV partners involved and many more.

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Your aim is to make money online as quickly as possible so you could just set up a short website to promote your ebook. As this is totally against the way I do things I wouldn’t advise this rush to make money online. The best way, as always, is to take your time and make your ebook just part of your online activities. Of course, you may decide that you will produce a whole bookshelf of ebooks but even so it will be better if you focus at first on building a good website that gives away valuable free information that is useful.

By doing this you will build up a valuable stream of traffic and so you will ensure your ebook is a big success once it is released. Again check out the section on Product Launch. I don’t want to repeat myself here but many of the things I mentioned in that section apply here too.

For example you build up

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