Friday, August 18, 2017

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Making Money With Google Adsense

A simple way to make money online by using Google's free Adsense program. The Adsense program is simply brilliant and gives you a lot of control over where your ads appear, how they look and gives you money when your visitors leave your site!


No matter what you do to make money online you simply cannot ignore Google’s Adsense program. What’s more it is so simple to do that everyone who is trying to make money online should be using it even if only as an additional income stream.

You’ve probably heard of Google Adwords so why haven’t you heard of Adsense? You see many of those adverts that people pay for don’t just appear on the right hand side of the page when you do a Google search. There are other places where they are placed and one of the most popular is on other people’s websites. Because they have to appear where the content is relevant then if, for example, you run a website selling pet supplies then adverts for similar products will appear on your website if you have signed up for the program.

Some people think that all you are doing is giving visitors to your website opportunities to move away from your site. Well, yes you are but if you are confident enough in your product this should not be a problem. At some point in any case your visitor will move on to another website so why not benefit when they move off by clicking on an advert. When your visitor leaves your site in this way you get paid.

When you enter the Adsense program you are given some options to choose from. These options give you quite a bit of control over where the adverts are displayed on your site and how they look. You can even block competitor’s adverts. You decide on colours, size, borders,etc.

You can also see at a glance how well your site is doing and how much you are earning.

However, you will not earn much if you do not choose keywords that have a high average cost per click. This is why a make money online site is a good one to have as there is fierce competition for some of the really high paying keywords. By using Google’s keyword tool you can find out exactly what some advertisers are paying for popular keywords. Go to
If you have not yet bought Market Samurai then you can also use the keyword tool to choose keywords with less competition but be careful. Your keywords must attract traffic otherwise your Adsense program will earn you nothing. It may also be advisable in the early days to go for keywords with four or more words in the keyword phrase but once again make sure your chosen keywords do attract traffic.
Google Adsense works well if you have a content rich website – like this one – and you have chosen the right keywords. A visitor to your site will be reading your content when they come across your Adsense adverts. Because they are targeted to match your site’s content you can argue that they actually add to the richness of your site and provide your visitors with a better experience than if they were not there. This should mean that your site visitors stay even longer. That’s certainly how I look at it.

If you haven’t yet built a website consider building one in the profitable areas of holidays or electronic goods. These areas attract generally higher bids for the keywords they use to promote the adverts. If you add in a lot of relevant content you could be on to a winner that earns and earns over and over again.

I nearly forgot to mention but Google Adsense is completely free to join. You could actually be earning money very quickly once you are set up. If you already have a website then it takes very little effort and very little time to set up.
Ian Heslop

Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing.