Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Searching For Targeted Keywords

How to find targeted keywords that will make money online. The second part of the detailed guide to essential keyword research. At this point I would urge you to buy a copy of a great keyword tool that I use. It’s called Market Samurai and it makes the whole job of finding the money keywords, and the ones where you can compete as the competition is so much less fierce, that much easier. It can be found at Here is where you learn the brutal truth that 90% of keywords are not worth bothering with as hardly anybody uses them to search for what they want. A click of the button in Market Samurai tells you how many people are searching daily for your keyword terms. Read this article, buy Market Samurai and watch your list of money keywords grow!

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You’ve now got a list of what you hope are relevant keywords. You are well on the way to completing the jigsaw of parts that make up a successful make money online business.

You should also ask friends what they think; what keywords would they use if they were searching for something in your niche? Check the forums in your niche to see if any different terms are being used. Visit your competitors’ websites and see what they are using,

Now this is where the tool at really comes in handy. In my first guide to Keywords I said

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