Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Reddit And Slashdot

An account of social news sites Reddit and Slashdot, their similarities and differences. The amount of traffic both sites attract means these sites should not be ignored in your traffic building efforts. Never forget that traffic equals make money online. From a marketer’s point of view the one simple instruction on Reddit’s front page is an open invitation to try and produce something that will become viral. It says this: Submit a link to anything interesting: news article, blog entry, video, picture … You could even do a combination of all four. Write a blog about an interesting news article, give it an interesting angle, include a photo and even a video to illustrate what you are writing about. Read, join in and make money online!

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Just like Digg, Reddit is a social news website and shares certain features with Digg. You can either submit links to content on the World Wide Web or you can post your own original text. Other users vote for the posts up or down and the ones that are the most popular are placed on the front page. Also you can make comments on links and reply to other Reddit users. Redditors, as Reddit users are sometimes known, can create their own topical sections, known as subreddits or communities. Here they can post links and comment and focus on a particular niche. At present there are more than 67,000 subreddits.

Other factors affecting gaining front page elevation are

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