Saturday, August 19, 2017

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A guide to a different social news site where the main intention is to mock the news and other material picked up from websites. Fark has a quirky sense of humour but those who use the site are very loyal and their numbers - over four million per month - are impressive. Again from a marketer’s point of view there are some very interesting statistics. Just as in other social new sites there are links submitted by Fark members, otherwise known as Farkers, for posting either on the primary page or one of its tab pages. If a link is approved it is given the greenlight. All links approved and not approved have threads where users can make observations on the link. Greenlit links can pull in over 300,000 page views in a month. Thus a huge amount of traffic can be generated so quickly that some smaller sites cannot cope and end up being “farked”. The origins of the site seemed to have started with the founder emailing his friends interesting news stories. Eventually to save him sending out so many emails he made his first posting about a fighter pilot who crashed while attempting to moon another fighter pilot. There's only one thing left to say: get farking!

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Fark is yet another, different kind of social news site. I think it appeals to my sense of humour more than the other ones as its main aim is to mock the news and other items it picks up from websites.

You may never have heard of it but get this: Fark gets over

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