Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Google Analytics (Part Two)

Google Analytics (Part Two): more information on the fantastic free tool that can make your site more professional and more profitable. Google Analytics also provides you with the means to track a campaign. You can compare different variations of adverts you are paying for. This can be very useful in showing what is working well and what isn’t. Yet another useful set of stats is provided by Content Overview. Here you can find out how many times your pages have been viewed for any section of time you choose. It shows you what the most popular pages are and also tells you how visitors arrived at your different pages, the top sources per page, the top keywords per page and in page analytics.

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Referring Sites information gives you the number of links from other sites and how well they are performing in terms of sales and revenues generated. SEO traffic gives you similar information including the keywords used. It also tells you what search engines are being used. The All Traffic Sources shows you what combination of traffic sources are sending you

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