Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Is The Economy Picking Up?

Current signs are that US house prices are increasing and are continuing to increase. This shows a return of consumer confidence and indicates that the economy is on the mend.
Posted: Tuesday 31st January 2012

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One sure fire indicator that the economy is on the mend is the fact that after years of falling prices house prices are increasing and continuing to increase.

Home sales pace increases in December, third month in a row
By Derek Kravitz, Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Home sales in December reached the highest pace in nearly a year. The gain coincided with other signs that the troubled US housing market improved at the end of 2011.

Analysts caution that sales remain historically low and it will take years for the home market to return to full health.

Still, the third straight monthly sales increase was encouraging. And economists noted that conditions are in place for further gains this year:

Prices have declined. Mortgage rates have never been lower. Homebuilders are slightly more hopeful because more people are saying they might be open to buying this year. And home construction picked up in the final quarter last year.

Sales rose across the country in December. They rose on a seasonal basis more than 10% in the Northeast, 8.3% in the Midwest, 2.9% in the South and 2.6% in the West.

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What is the implication for your make money online business? Not a lot really as the internet continues to boom whether we’re in a downturn or not. It does indicate, however, a return of consumer confidence, and that can only be a good thing for all businesses offline and online.
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