Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Help Me, Please!
A useful reminder of why it is always so important to do the right thing.
Added: Friday 20th January 2012, 10:06:13

Jerry Leiber
The sad death of Jerry Leiber, the lyricist half of the great song writing team of Leiber/Stoller, reminds me of my own mortality and gives some urgency to my make money online activities. Jerry Leiber wrote the background to my youth so it is sad he's now gone. None of us is immortal, of course, and if you want to learn how to make money online then now is the time to join my free membership site. It's free!
Added: Friday 26th August 2011, 7:03:14

On Being A Parish Councillor
Taking a survey of a whole village is a very useful exercise. It will be very interesting seeing what the villagers think as people often do not respond the way you expect them to. This is one reason why this exercise is useful and it serves as a reminder that you should always be on the lookout on your website for reactions to campaigns that may turn out totally different to your expectations. This is why testing and asking your subscribers what they want is always a very useful exercise and one that you should consider doing at least once a year. To find out how to make money online join my free membership site. It's free!
Added: Monday 22nd August 2011, 11:26:21

Beating the Mackems
Newcastle United's unexpected victory against local rivals Sunderland makes me think how hard work and application can turn a website into a major success. We didn’t get the penalty we should have had and Sunderland were lucky to not have their man sent off. This was after only fifteen minutes so it was only poetic justice that we won from a splendidly taken free kick by Ryan Taylor. We were very much the underdogs going in to this game but it just shows you that with application and hard work what can be achieved. The same is true for your make money online site. Follow my lead, take action and apply all the free tips on this free membership site. Join now! It's free!
Added: Monday 22nd August 2011, 11:22:10

My Friend’s Furniture Business
The dreadful downward spiral of the crash of 2008 continues to affect so many businesses. Activity in all these businesses has led to far too many job losses: curtains, carpets, furniture, estate agents, removal firms, decorating firms and so on and so on. Anyway, if you want to have a look at some really good value and good quality furniture have a look at Furniture World at Watling Street, Consett, Co. Durham DH8 6HG. Telephone 01207 582 276. Open Daily 9am-5pm. And if you want to make money online join my site now. It's free!
Added: Sunday 21st August 2011, 11:59:45

Cheap Clothes
The cheap £2 school trousers being peddled are no longer made of cotton. Previously school trousers could be handed down and recycled. The current crop are simply disposable. The price is so low that it is obvious that these prices are loss leaders and I bet the manufacturers are being forced to bear the cost just as food producers have been forced to bear the cost of low food prices by the major supermarkets. None of these practices are fair or sustainable but while families struggle to make ends meet how many consumers are going to complain? Don’t let yourself get caught up in corrupt practices as you build your internet business. Be honest, reliable and always aim to over deliver. To learn how to make money online ethically and honestly join my membership site now. It's free!
Added: Sunday 21st August 2011, 11:52:51

Roman Emperors and Popes
Ancient Roman emperors and Renaissance Popes were all prepared to use the utmost violence to pursue their means, the latter in God's name. What is astonishing is the way on the TV version of The Borgias that the Jeremy Irons character Pope Alexander VI and a Borgia is prepared to say “With God’s help” when he is contemplating committing more dreadful acts. This is said with all seriousness and one cannot help but feel that that’s the way it was even for supposedly dedicated Christian Popes. As internet entrepreneurs we must never behave like ruthless emperors or Popes. We should always treat our customers with the utmost respect. They will then repay you tenfold. If you want to learn how to make money online and become an internet entrepreneur join my membership site now. It's free!
Added: Sunday 21st August 2011, 11:48:21

Living Elsewhere
Some thoughts on why this country is fine for me as I can afford to take a lot of holidays if I want to. I love Italy and that might be a better bet particularly Rome. And they do love football unlike the USA. In the end I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else. I would miss my grandchildren and we have a lot to do with their upbringing because of their absent dad. It’s so good to be checking on your internet business and absolutely great when you find you’ve made more while on holiday then you did at home and that you’ve paid for your holiday twice over. If you want to make money online then join my membership site. It's free!
Added: Sunday 21st August 2011, 11:22:47

Drowning In Stuff
The clutter in our house reminds me that the last thing you need with your website is an inglorious mismash of colours, fonts and images. To make things even worse my mother has moved into a care home and we have all her stuff to sort out. Again we can’t simply even give it away to charity shops. I mean why would you want twenty odd pairs of old curtains in horrible patterns and colours! The message for your internet business is: keep your site clean, don’t crowd it with horrible fonts, moving images and all such sorts of distractions. If you don’t keep it clean you won’t make money online. If you want to see how to make money online then join my free membership site now. It's free!
Added: Sunday 21st August 2011, 11:14:48

Horse Racing Systems
My reflections on horse racing sytems as a way of making money bring me to the conclusion that starting an internet business is much much better. I did make about £1,000 one year in profit using one system but at the time the cost of the tips – it was a tipping system – and the cost of the phone calls meant that I broke even so I decided it just wasn’t worth it. The best way to make money is to follow my advice and start an internet business. Use all the free advice available on this site and you shouldn’t go far wrong. Join my free membership site now! It's free!
Added: Saturday 20th August 2011, 10:38:11

How Plums Help Your Internet Business
My love of plums lets me reflect on how you must keep your eye on the plum tree in case the plums become ripe, are attacked by birds or fall off and get squashed. In the same way you must keep your eye on the internet as like all living things it grows and develops and if you are not careful your business will drop off and get squashed. Join my free membership site now and build yourself a make money online website. It's free!
Added: Saturday 20th August 2011, 10:33:12

Why I Love Cats
You have to treat cats with respect. Cats are not pack animals the way dogs are. Dogs have to be dominated otherwise they will dominate you. Cats live in family groups and cannot be dominated the way dogs can. If you try to get a cat to do what you want and if the cat doesn’t want to do it you are on to a loser. I think that’s one of the reasons I like cats. They are proud to be themselves and don’t want to be anything else than a cat. If you want to achieve what you think you should achieve build a make money online site by becoming a member of my site. It's free!
Added: Saturday 20th August 2011, 8:05:50

The Borgias
Watching The Borgias on TV reminded me of when we were in Rome when the last Pope died. It was strange seeing so many clerics from different parts of the world crowding Rome’s streets. How sincere they all seemed so unlike the world weary cynicism of the world of the Borgias where everyone seems to be on the make. It is easy to do things the wrong way on the internet and scam people just as the Borgias spread their corrupting tentacles around those they came up against so many centuries ago. It is not the way to go I assure you. Be honest, be the best and you will have lifetime customers who will buy from you again and again and again. Join me in my quest to make money online the right way by becoming a member of my site. It's free!
Added: Saturday 20th August 2011, 4:18:30

Harry Potter And Alnwick Castle
Alnwick castle and gardens was already making lots of money but now with the Harry Potter connection it is pulling in thousands. The good thing about the whole day was that the Harry Potter connection has provided lots of jobs, and that is particularly good in a place like the North East where we are still in the recession. People talk about a double dip; well we are still in the first dip. I suppose the day made me think of how opportunities are not to be missed. Universal Studios in Florida have opened a Harry Potter section so when the whole thing is so British it is good to see a part of the country cashing in on it. This is the moral of this blog: don’t let opportunities slip by. Seize them gladly. If you want to seize the chance of building a make money online site then join my free membership siyte today. It's free!
Added: Friday 19th August 2011, 9:26:46

Manchester United Start With A Bang
Reflections on Manchester United's good start to the season, their global brand and how Newcastle United used to have a global brand but now have to only hope for Premiership survival. When the club almost won the Premiership a few years ago and appeared regularly in Europe Newcastle United had a global brand. Newcastle United’s supporters are the best in the country. Why? Because we haven’t won a competition for years yet still pull in between 40 and 50,000 for home games. This is the problem though as Ashley is prepared to gamble on the club staying in the Premiership because he knows if we are relegated there will still be crowds of 40 to 50,000 in the Championship. If you are ambitious then build a make money online site by joining my free membership site today. It's free!
Added: Friday 19th August 2011, 9:20:28

Government’s Economic Policy
You would think that it would be easy for a government to know what to do to make money, wouldn’t you? But no, this gang of hooligans charge on as if there was no alternative. I said right from the beginning of this economic crisis that there was no chance of it working. Even the Daily Torygraph has come out against George Osborne’s policy. You see the problem is that once you concentrate solely on cutting the deficit you actually increase it. How is that you may ask? Quite simply because there is no economic growth and therefore government income falls. If you want to make sure your income doesn't fall then buld a make money online business by joining my free membership site. It's free!
Added: Friday 19th August 2011, 9:13:26

When you see your so-called leaders behave like pigs in the trough is it any wonder that at some point that frustration boils over. Interesting that here in the North East, probably the most deprived part of the country and where lack of inward investment has been chronic for years there was no trouble. Perhaps we’ve just got so used to it we just accept it. It must be galling though if you live in London and you see those who caused all the misery still living high on the hog while your own chances are strictly limited. If you want to improve your chances to make money online then join my free membership site. It's free!
Added: Friday 19th August 2011, 9:07:43

Aircraft Seating
Coming home from Florida my daughter had a confrontation with the people behind her. Now my daughter is small - about 5 feet nothing and is small bodied and weighs about 8 stone. But the woman immediately behind her was about six feet tall, quite slim but with long legs. Her problem was that she should have been able to pay more and get a seat with more leg room. Except I bet she didn’t want to pay more. It is so well documented that tall people get more interviews for better jobs and get better jobs than small people that they should pay more for aircraft seats as they take up more room. The moral of all this is that you only get what you pay for except in the case of this site where my aim is to constantly give you more for your money and always over deliver. If you want to benfit from all the great information on how to make money online then join my site now. It's free!
Added: Friday 19th August 2011, 8:47:03

Sat Navs
A Sat Nav is marvellous when the thing works properly but can be deadly if it gets it wrong. I saved a driver from a really embarrassing situation when I waved him down before he entered the system that would have taken his huge artic into jamming or even demolishing Ovingham Bridge where I live. It is a single track bridge just wide enough for cars and some vans. It just goes to show that no matter what system you are using you have to use the biggest and best computer you have: your brain. When working on your business remember that you need your brain to be working at all times. Or else! If you want to get your brain in gear and make money online join my free membership site now. It's free!
Added: Thursday 18th August 2011, 12:18:14

Outlet Malls
Why giving people what they want is essential for your internet business. I suppose what baffles me most of all is the way women shop. They go in a shop to have a look at a certain item and come out with something else entirely. Men don’t do that. Men go to get things and if they can’t find what they want they just leave. I suppose my wife can’t understand why I go out into the pouring rain to watch my beloved Newcastle United play. It’s a question of giving people what they want. Something to think about when you are building your internet business. If you want build a make money online business then join my free membership site now. It's free!
Added: Thursday 18th August 2011, 12:10:08


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